The Correct Amount of Skin Care Product to use

Jul 11, 2023

The Correct Amount of Skin Care Product to use

You place emphasis on knowing the ingredients and steps of your skincare but are you applying the correct amount of each product?

We often hear people say how long their cleanser or moisturizer last yet they “fly through” their eye cream and it needs replacing nearly every month. How many times have you used a cleanser in a pump bottle and landed up with a huge amount of product in your hands and just assumed this is how it should be?

Let’s have a look at different products and the actual suggested amount of usage. The easiest way to explain is to use fruit as an example.

Cleansers – no matter if it is a wash or cream-based product one should not use more than a raspberry size. Using too much will result in over cleansing which might result in removing skin’s natural oils.

Toners – a half a pump should be sufficient for the entire face. We recommend to rather pump into hands, pat onto face and then use cotton pad to wipe.

Pumping toner directly onto a cotton pad will absorb too much product and result in wastage.

Moisturizer – the size of a Blueberry is enough to moisturize the entire face and neck area. For extremely dry skin one can add a tiny bit more but remember over-applying is wasteful and does not add to the efficiency of the product. The important thing to moisturizer is how you apply it – wait till skin completely dry after serum application and then gently apply it in upward circles.

Eye Cream / Gel – Size of a Pea / Pomegranate seed. This is sufficient around both eyes, applying under, above and around of eyes.

Masques – Apply a mask to the entire face and neck only requires product the size of a cherry. You might even use slightly less or more depending on the type of mask. Remember - Do not think, the thicker you apply the more benefit you will get, apply a thin layer.

Serums – A small amount of serum goes a long way and that is why we recommend usage the of 2 x pomegranate seeds. Make small dots with serum all over face, neck & upper chest area, the gently rub serum into skin.

Oils – same as serum face oils goes a long way and one should not use more that the size of 2 x pomegranate seeds.

Sunscreen – The golden rule is to always apply sunscreen. When applying sunscreen to the face the recommended usage is the size of a cherry. If you intend to use sunscreen on all exposed areas on your body as well, we recommend no more than the size of a shot glass.