Wax Trouble Shooting

Jul 28, 2023

Wax Trouble Shooting

Film Wax stretches or won’t lift when trying to remove.

Wax has not “set” completely. Use a bit of talcum powder and dab on top of wax, wait 2 to 3 seconds and then remove.

There are still some hairs left after I removed the wax.

You have not applied the correct pressure with the spatula while applying the wax.  Re-apply wax to the area by using the tip of your spatula and apply pressure while doing so.

Wax not the correct temperature. Wax might be too cold and therefore could not “grip” on hair, especially short thin hair.

Area wax not completely dry after applying pre-wax cleanser. Ensure to dry area after applying pre-wax cleanser with cotton pad or tissue paper (small areas) or disposable paper towel before applying talc.

Film Wax not hardening.

Wax was applied in a too thick layer. Simply take your spatula and spread it to a larger area.

After removal there is film wax left on the skin

Uneven application around edges. The thickness of wax should be the same all over and while applying the wax one should ensure an even application.


This will only happen if you have not held the skin tight (especially in areas like the bikini line).  Always ensure to pull skin tight and remove wax in a horizontal not upward position.  We also recommend that you only use Film Wax in delicate / sensitive areas.


The wax is too hot.

If using a wax heater with a temperature dial always check that you set it to the correct melting temperature – different waxes have different melting points.

Skin Removed

Cold / Strip Wax is too cold.

Ensure wax heated to the correct temperature.

Do not use strip wax on face, bikini or underarm - only use Film Wax